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Rockford Tree Service is a specialist and highly skilled arborist business. We are a full-service tree company specializing in the cultivation and management of trees through professional tree care, trimming, removal and much more. Our industry leading experts are always on hand to guide you through any project, regardless of how big or small it may be. The list of services also includes emergency tree work. The aim is to always deliver the best results at competitive prices, and we feel that this sets us apart as the best tree service provider in northern Illinois.

​An experienced tree surgeon or arboriculturist is an essential go to when dealing with problematic trees. Failure to do so can result in more money spent and hazardous conditions causing danger or injury to people or property. Our operatives work extensively with both residential and commercial projects ensuring needs are met and safety standards are adhered to. Work can be completed in construction and municipality circumstances too. While trees can be a pleasant and inviting sight around your home or business, they can also cause issues. These can relate to overhang of buildings, power cables or obstructing access. Jobs can also range from small shrubs and bushes, to large 100ft trees. Let us take care of all your tree care Rockford Il needs today!

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